Predator Lv.83 Epic Two-Handed Sword 3870-4249 DPS
Dark Atk 1433-1574 Crit Hit Chance 8%Def 72-80Def +16.0%HP +20.0%Skill Damage +20.0%
[Required Limit Break 5]Atk +10.0%

[Dark Magician Beth only]
On Dark Smash's hit, decreases Dark type resistance by 20% for 3 second(s), and generates a shield by 10% of the inflicted damage upon enemies.
Weapon Skill Lv +4

[Sub-Options] (Max 1)Weapon Skill Regen Speed +8.0%

Predator Strike Lv.1

Atk: 140% DPS
Regen time: 8.4 seconds

Leaps in the air and slams the two-handed sword on the ground to inflict damage around the area. Puts enemies in downed state.

How to Obtain

Equipment Summon
Mileage Shop300
Epic Exclusive Equipment Boxes
Random Evolution
Random Stage Reward


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