Name Gabriel
Released January 14, 2021 (Korea)
January 26, 2021 (Global)
Age ?
Height 172cm
Weight 54kg
Element Light
Role Support
Equipment Bow


Gabriel is a former archangel running a supermarket.

After the world tree burnt down, she lost her powers and now runs a convenience store in the human world. Although her days as the archangel are gone, she still lives a glamorous life exploiting her part-time workers. She claims that her ultimate mission is to "maintain world peace and to spread good deeds all around the world," so she has earned herself the title of "Madam Archangel" and "Honest Role Model of Business Person."

However, hidden behind the angelic face is a very crooked and oppressive boss. She doesn't guarantee minimum wage and refuses to write an employment agreement, and also sells the store's expired food to part-time workers. Surprisingly, she still has her divine power even when she oppresses her part-time worker harder than the devil. Gabriel's blessing raises one's morale and strength, and she abuses this "blessing" to make her workers work without a break.

Gabriel's longest employed worker is Angie the angel who used to serve Plitvice. Gabriel enticed diligent Angie, who is already busy bringing back sealed Plitvice and paying back debt as the Secretary of the Heaven Treasury, to be her part-time worker. Then she gradually increased Angie's working hours longer than the time she spends in the Heaven Treasury. Whenever Angie tries to get away from the store, Gabriel would provoke her, saying how "she is disappointed that her loyalty to Plitvice is frivolous.


Obtainable at 3

Max Awakened Stats Lv.95

Rank: 44/126
ATK 1354
Rank: 66/126
HP 51052
Rank: 50/126
DEF 264
Rank: 61/126
Crit Chance 0
Rank: 50/126
Damage Reduction 0
Rank: 4/126
Heal 1698
Basic Resistance -30%
Dark Resistance +30%


Normal Attack
Sound of Heaven
Flicks a bow and shoots out sound wave.
Reduces light type resistance by 20% for 3 seconds for enemy hit by the last attack.

Chain Ability


Descent of Angels
Strikes holy lightning to inflict 300% of DPS.
Restores all Party members' HP by 30% of Heal, and removes all negative effects.

Special Ability
Victory Chant
On Sound of Heaven's hit, restores HP of the Party member with lowest HP by 50% of Heal and increases Atk by 30% for 5 second(s). Activates once every 5 second(s).
Passives[Party] Crit Hit chance +40.0%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +4.0%
+5.0% shield increase on battle start
Skill Atk +10.0%

Exclusive Weapons

WeaponWeapon Skill
Magnificat Epic Bow 3156-3466 DPS
Light Atk 1503-1650 Heal 1101Crit Hit Chance 5%HP +18.0%Heal +20.0%Weapon Skill Regen Speed +18.0%
[Required Limit Break 5]Atk +10.0%

[Archangel Gabriel only]
On Sound of Heaven's hit, inflicts 30% of DPS every 2 second(s) and immediately reduces light type resistance. Restores Party members' HP in the Sanctuary by 100% of Heal.
Weapon Skill Lv +4

[Sub-Options] (Max 1)Def +16.0%

Sanctuary Lv.1

Atk: 180% DPS
Regen time: 9.4 seconds

Summons holy sanctuary. Puts enemies in downed state.

Awakening Materials


564 534 450 330

392 372 306 216

220 210 162 102

654 594 450 402

418 378 264 228

212 192 108 84

684 654 414 228

458 438 246 108

274 264 120 30

172 154 154 136

116 104 104 90

67 61 61 51

87 21 21 21

Banner History


A 8.6/10 Based on 24 submitted ratings.
B 7.5/10 S 9/10 S 9/10 S 9.5/10
StoryKama-ZONEOrbital LiftTowers
S9/10 A8.5/10 A8/10 A8.5/10

Quick Evaluation

  • Has a lot of means to support your team's DPS while filling the role of a healer, such as her chain ability which damages and heals, her party buff, and her special ability
  • She can debuff enemies' light type resistance which makes her an essential support for mono light teams, but she can also work well on any team as the most potent parts of her kit are universal
  • Her weapon skill is a powerful heal that would require her to be your lead in order to utilize in PvE, but in Arena it helps to win trades by healing herself
  • Her light resistance debuff only benefits other light heroes on your team
  • Her weapon skill can be hard to land reliably, which could be a matter of life and death in Arena
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  • Kongore#6701

    April 23, 2023

    Where does Valencia rank? She is not in this database.

    • Yametee#3759

      April 25, 2023

      Website is dead, they no longer update it.

      • schite#0

        January 23, 2024

        is there any alt guide website?

      • eyesbred

        May 8, 2024

        This website is updating. It’s just slow progress due to the lack of enthusiastic participants.

  • Index

    November 20, 2021

    Im a Newbie guys, is my team okay?
    Nari as ranged
    Fp for Tank
    Gabriel as support
    and Im planning to get Future knight for my warrior.

    • qaster

      November 22, 2021

      For starter, it ok.

      And it depends on what you want to focus next.

      Raid : MK99, Bari, etc
      Story Mode : Oghma is your ticket to clear demon World fast, else also helps clear world 11 easier.
      Miya as main can also help just keep all your teammates alive, is an option when FP have a hard time passing through stages.
      Collosseum : Kamael, Beth, Noxia, FK, etc
      Arena : Hana, Kamael, Erina, Lynn, Noxia, Scintilla

    • JaxPitorson

      January 12, 2022

      Haha lol. Absolutely copied my constellation exactly

  • tilo lock

    August 2, 2021

    How do i change a page i need to add build

    • Spase

      August 2, 2021

      build straight up for you bro: Weap: her exlusive Magnificat. Accessory: Mirror Earring of Faith with heal stat or Ocean Earring. Cards: 2x heal or 1x heal 1x atk

    • meninzera

      August 2, 2021

      Ocean Earring has some of the best stats. High defense, high heals, decente attack. Plus heal for mlb.
      She isnt so dependant on cd so I’d choose this one over the Mirror Earring (way easier to max).

  • tilo lock

    August 2, 2021


  • tilo lock

    August 2, 2021

    plz there be a build

    • MenOfPaws

      August 3, 2021

      Instead of spamming 73747494726449 messages in a two day span and wondering why no one responds, join the guardian tales discord server. You can ask there what is best to run, and contribute to the conversation that designs the builds for this website. People who only come here to get information have no place to complain like this; Its free to contribute to the discussion and help the builds/guides come out sooner. You will also get an immediate answer to any question from many veteran players. Come join the discord. It’s free. It’s also free to not spam. Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk

      • MenOfPaws

        August 3, 2021

        Also, for Gabriel’s build, here’s my honest opinion.

        Use her EX for weapon, obviously. Use a light mirror earring rolled with Def, HP, Heal and WSR. It beats going with something like ocean for the 3% more heal as WSR and attack actually benefit her greatly, as she does crank out damage and is arena viable. If you don’t plan to use her as a lead or in arena I’d shoot to roll the mirror earring def+HP+heal+skilldmg just for the minor chain buff. She’s a fantastic option to have open for master arena as well. For merch, can use Vending Machine Merch, Eugene Bike merch, Statue/Invader Merch, or Nari cushion, depending on what you have/is better suited elsewhere. If you don’t have multiple copies of the 5* merch, I’d go with Vending machine to leave options open for units like MK99, Eleanor, FP, or whoever you’re using. Even if you have multiple copies of each maxed, if she’s your only devoted healer and you’re running one tank (FP), should use Vending machine anyways to get some tankiness, especially in mono light so MK99 can pop off. if you’re using another tank too with Def/HP buff or using another healer kike Eleanor, or rubbing raids, I recommend using Nari Cushion or Statue/Invader Merch to pump DMG as you’ll have enough heal for survivability in raid with her+FP, and you’d have enough in colo if you are using Eleanor, Oghma, or Noxia as your 4th. It’s really team dependent as she’s hybrid DMG/Heal, which is why it’s so hard to give definite best in slot item answers for a guide. Just like if you were never going to run her in arena/master arena, and if you have other heals/tankiness support, you could switch mirror earring for ocean earring if you also switched vending machine merch to statue/invader, Nari cushion, or Eugene bike As for cards, depends if she is your only source of heal besides FP and if you’re using vending machine merch. Generally, if you’re using vending machine merch or if shes only heal besides FP, use 2x heal cards. FP doesn’t heal enough to carry heals and vending machine merch benefits from any heal you can get. I’m using her on a team of Gab+FP+Eleanor+MK99, and she’s using her ex weapon, mirror earring, 2x heal cards, and Vending machine merch. FP is ex+mirror shield+mirror earring+Eugene bike+def cards. MK is EX+SharpShooter+Statue merch+1x Atk7% card, 1x 3%Crit card. Eleanor is EX, Mirror earring rolled HP+def+heal+Shield on start because J never will use her in arena or as a lead and her chain is strictly attbuff/EnemyLightResDebuff, so skill DMG and WSR are useless. She is using Nari cushion, as that’s the best lvld merch I have for her, and also using 2x heal cards. I only use this team to attack teams using FP+Noxia/beth/Lilith/Oghma, even as mono light it can beat teams using just Nari or just Nari+FK. Don’t try to use it against a team that’s something like Nari+FK+IdolEva+FP though, you’ll get ate. For raids I take out FP and put in Nari. Do not use that team as your Colosseum def team as some people recognize that you just need FK+Nari+IdolEva+FP to beat it, even though others try with FP+Noxia/Oghma/Beth/Lilith+FK+Nari and lose. It seems to beat around 80-90% of non Basic filled teams, has more trouble with either the Nari FK range heavy teams, or a really annoying super tanky melee team I see every once in awhile (FP+Oghma+Sohee+Gab/Miya). Don’t attack those teams with this team.

        That’s my honest opinion, do what you want with it. Can not listen and wait for other opinions, follow my example, or decide not to read this long message and go about your business. Have a good day!

        • GtechB

          December 31, 2021

          Why did you repeat meaningless remarks?
          Please tell me!

          • friend_hood

            January 5, 2022

            ikr, I think they’re just tryna spam the thing with stuff irrelevant to gab, just look like a smart pro

      • Gallatine#5752

        April 12, 2022

        Alternatively, one can just fill this page, and make it clear for player searching for builds

        • Gallatine#5752

          April 12, 2022

          Sadly, I have no idea how to do that.. Where is the edit button.

  • Asher

    July 30, 2021

    What is the best assecory for her?

    • Eclipse

      July 31, 2021

      Ocean earring. Buffs her heal stat by a lot and cause her passive healing and weapon skill to heal more since all of her healing is based off of her heal stat. Also has decent defense.

  • Wisely

    May 26, 2021

    “Her light resistance debuff only benefits other light heroes on your team”
    Not true if you put light weapons on characters who aren’t light, or is that wrong?

    • soapy

      December 4, 2021

      you probably don’t need this anymore, but yes. if someone of a certain element uses light element weapon, the attack becomes light attack instead of their own element.

  • Raymond Wang

    May 8, 2021

    It says her bow decreases light type resistance on hit, but how much does it decrease it by? Her normal attack already decreases light resistance by 20%, so how much more does the bow contribute?

    • Leona

      May 8, 2021

      his attack reduce resistance by 20% but only with his last attack (which is boosted).
      so, his unique bow causes all his attacks to reduce light-type resistance by 20%

  • Axist

    April 13, 2021

    ocean earring best accesory?

    • Willaxe

      May 23, 2021

      She is LIGHT type, not water

      • Odium

        June 10, 2021

        Ocean Earring is not an element specific accessory.

  • bankai

    March 29, 2021

    she’s a hard counter for oghma/nox frontlines in colo & arena (making light attacks 50% more effective rather than the usual 30%) so she should technically be higher or equal to nox who has a 92. gabby kit is nuts. swiss army knife. heals & buffs pilot atk by 30% every five seconds smh making FP an even further threat for dark dissidents. she’s so beneficial to the best unit in the game while being top tier herself..

    just my thoughts as always keep up the GREAT WORK you do an amazing service to the gt community.

  • bankai

    March 26, 2021

    my absolute favorite unit. godsend for a mono light main like myself. definitely gonna mlb magnificat to assist my fp & her mlb liberator even more.

  • Leona

    March 17, 2021

    Would you recommend a good bow to equip, in case of not having the ex? pls

    • SHHH

      March 26, 2021

      Sagna with Rue, Marauder with Garam

    • Axist

      March 26, 2021

      Yellow Dragon’s bow or Brilliance bow.

  • Ralph

    March 7, 2021

    How is she not 10/10 PVE? She litterally has full heal every couple of seconds…the only way you can ever die is if you get 1 shot. I tried many heroes in pve and after playing her it made all pve a joke. I could do world 10 with my eyes closed. I guess that’s the worst part about Gabriel; no challenge at all in pve… felt like I had god mode on.

    • TripleQGaming

      March 8, 2021

      I’m hardly an expert, but I can tell you this:
      World 10 is fairly easy, and if you had the Future Princess (who only has a 9.5/10 in PvE, mind you) then you could easily defeat the Harvester and the Dark Magician without revives. If you’re thinking about the passages in between, those are a joke. Anyone (as long as they had sufficiently upgraded heroes and weapons) could beat those.
      If you think that you can (and have) beat the world 11 passages easily with Gabriel, then maybe we’ll put her as a 10/10 on PvE.
      (and really, up until world 11, you have absolutely no challenge at all in PvE)

  • Crow

    February 17, 2021

    Gabriel deserves an easy 10/10 in pve, I started this game around 3 weeks ago, I pulled her and her ex, I have cleared every world including all the nightmare worlds and she hard carried through it all, her heal is so damn good, she does a ton of damage too. Highly under rated.

    • dnmc

      February 27, 2021

      PVE: 9.25/10

      “Highly underrated”

      lmao okay

      • ItsTruTho

        April 16, 2021

        Anything less than perfection is highly underrated

        • Cabbage

          April 16, 2021

          have you seen the analysis? She’s classified S in both story and guild raids. Dunno about her in other modes, but, she’s not that typically used in orbital or kamazone, so the grade is probably right

  • Tilo lock

    February 12, 2021

    Gabriel socks

    bottom text

    • Tilo lock

      February 12, 2021

      Oh wait I misspilled sucks as socks

      • Cabbage

        February 12, 2021

        Zombieliev thinks otherwise and he uses her to get to the #1 in NA arena, you can go check his yt channle 😉

  • Law

    February 1, 2021

    An angel named Gabriel, eh?
    An angel pretending to be a really good person but is really mistreating her workers?
    Sounds like an SMT angel to me.

  • lazybones

    February 1, 2021

    Who cares.
    She bullied angie >:(

  • Mavis

    January 25, 2021

    “Oh, we got a cute angel for the next update?”
    *read the story*

    “WHAT THE F—“

    • Pandi

      January 26, 2021

      I know lol

    • GrayThe2nd

      May 23, 2021

      “Who is satan, and Why is he asking to be my apprentic?” best quote ever.

  • Pandi

    January 20, 2021

    When i get Gabrielle, I’ll be overworking HER

    • Brekfast

      January 26, 2021

      That really sounded as Ganyu from Genshin Impact

      • Pandi

        January 27, 2021


        • Gensimp

          November 16, 2021

          Ganyu is a female bow wielder from Genshin Impact, which is a different gacha game.
          She is one of the strongest characters in the meta and often works overtime.

          I have a level 89 Ganyu who carries many of my teams in GI. And I’ll probably pull for Gabriel to do the same.

  • KIQ

    January 18, 2021

    Step on me– I mean… No! Bad!

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Name Gabriel
Released January 14, 2021 (Korea)
January 26, 2021 (Global)
Age ?
Height 172cm
Weight 54kg
Element Light
Role Support
Equipment Bow