Released July 15, 2020 (Korea)
June 15, 2020 (Global)
Element Basic
Role Warrior
Equipment Gauntlet


Lahn is a scrivener of the ancient scriptorium that records the history of the world.

Her family has been observing and recording the world since its beginning. They write in an ancient language whose letters channel powerful waves generated by the world's memory itself. As the latest of her bloodline, Lahn masterfully wields the letters both as a talented historian and as a powerful protector of the scriptorium.

She uses archaic dialects and often talks as if she is writing poetry. Because people often misinterpret the trait as being smug, she secretly practices talking normally but has hard time grasping the concept of urban slangs.

She recently discovered her letters emanating unusually powerful waves. Sensing something drastic is occuring in the world, she ventured out of the scriptorium to witness the event with her own eyes.


Obtainable at 3

Max Awakened Stats Lv.83

Rank: 18/87
ATK 952
Rank: 38/87
HP 34040
Rank: 30/87
DEF 206
Rank: 12/87
Crit Chance 5
Rank: 49/87
Damage Reduction 16
Rank: 10/87
Heal 0
Dark Resistance -30%
Light Resistance +30%


Normal Attack
Talisman Fist
Aura Fist: Continuously throws fists condensed with aura energy.
Thunder Fist: When aura fists hit 5 times, throws a thunder fist to a wider range. While Thunder Fist is charging decrease weapon skill regen speed by 0.5 second.

Chain Ability


Fu of Balance
Uses Fu talisman of balance that inflicts 575% of DPS and restores party members' HP by 20%

Special Ability
Fu of Resurrection
Restores HP by 20% of damaged allies with HP lower than 50%. Fu of Resurrection can be activated once every 30 seconds.
Passives[Party] HP +40.0%
+1.0% HP recovery on enemy kill

Exclusive Weapon

WeaponWeapon Skill
Pure Mind Epic Gauntlet 3354 DPS
Basic Atk 749 Crit Hit Chance 12%Def 124Def +16.0%HP +18.0%Weapon Skill Regen Speed +18.0%
[Required Limit Break 5]Atk +10.0%

[Scrivener Lahn only]
On hit, explodes condensed energy to inflict wider range 20% of DPS and decreases melee Def by 20% for 5 second(s). Activates once every 1 second(s).
Weapon Skill Lv +4

[Sub-Options] (Max 1)Skill Damage +20.0%

Eight Diagrams of Taiji Lv.1

Atk: 150% DPS
Regen time: 9.5 seconds

Summons eight diagrams of Taiji. Puts enemies in airborne state.

Awakening Materials


522 492 372 300

326 306 210 156

160 150 78 42

774 714 594 354

526 486 390 210

296 276 204 84

432 402 312 240

428 408 192 138

154 144 90 54

168 150 100 84

109 97 59 47

61 55 29 21

87 21 9 9

Banner History


B 7/10
B 7.5/10 C 6/10 A 8/10 C 6.5/10
StoryKama-ZONEOrbital LiftTowers
/10 /10 /10 /10

Quick Evaluation

  • Normal attacks become an AoE attack every 5 hits and have a longer range than those of other melee heroes
  • Chain skill heals all members in the party
  • Her Special Ability works regardless of whether the rest of the team dies before or after her
  • Normal attacks and Thunder Fist cannot pass through walls
  • Her exclusive weapon skill can be hard to land on moving targets, and has a longer than average cooldown
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  • Jihefmqt

    August 26, 2021

    i think this needs to be updated. Lahn’s chain skill deal 575% of DPS now. She doesn’t do 400% DPS anymore on her chain skill

  • April 25, 2021

    Lahn needs a voice.

  • Niko

    February 3, 2021

    Best waifu imo

    • Steve-needs-a-guild

      February 13, 2021

      By off chance do you know if her attacks count as melee or ranged? Alefs count as melee and he uses gauntlets too even tho it has range wondering if Lahn was the same

      • Rafael Gama

        May 28, 2021

        Lahn’s attacks are melee

  • Poplar

    January 9, 2021

    Can someone give any info about her attack animation (I mean mobility while attacking), AI and perfomance vs future princess? She is basic damage dealer so she should work fine vs her, but skill set looks more like support, not DD. Is her dps fine?

    • Mike

      January 11, 2021

      I just got her and am working her up, but I think she’s more an off-tank. She can hit groups of enemies and her target can take that DEF down. Coupled with her average, but not fantastic stats, I feel your idea of support is good. She should do more damage than a tank (sans Marina) but less than any of your DPS. But consider with the DEF down, your DPS should hit harder because of her. Conversely, she should also eat hits better than the ranged DPS since she actually has a DEF stat and some HP to back it up. With her generic buff and no elemental loyalty, she’s a decent all-rounder that would fit into any team. She’s not as powerful, I think, as any other unique hero, but she’s not meant to be. She’s meant to lay debuffs, buff your hp, drop those mini heals for sustain, and then be a meat shield in hopes it gives your DPS enough time to finish the job. I think she’s a natural pair with Future Princess though for that rainbow team. I do wish she was a little bit beefier though. She could use a little more damage mitigation.

  • Diana

    January 3, 2021

    Underrated short-haired queen.

    • Clavat

      January 4, 2021

      She has been on my team since i bought her with tickets. havent regretted it.


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Released July 15, 2020 (Korea)
June 15, 2020 (Global)
Element Basic
Role Warrior
Equipment Gauntlet