Global/KR Japan
Name Amy
Released February 28, 2020 (GL/KR)
October 6, 2021 (Japan)
Age 23
Height 162cm
Weight 48kg
Element Basic
Role Warrior
Equipment Two-Handed Sword


Amy is a mercenary and a beserker, dressed as a maid.

It's not a fashion choice. Her mercenary partner, Dolf, asked her to wear it so that he can better disguise himself as a high class court magician. Amy hates the ploy but plays along since Dolf gets them great deals that Amy could never get.

She is usually quiet and timid. But when it comes to battles she is a formidable berserker. She wields two handed weapons like it's a children's toy and roars like a dragon. The face she makes alone can give her foes nightmares.


Obtainable at 2

Max Awakened Stats Lv.86

Rank: 83/126
ATK 1011
Rank: 100/126
HP 36179
Rank: 89/126
DEF 182
Rank: 12/126
Crit Chance 5
Rank: 32/126
Damage Reduction 17
Rank: 13/126
Heal 0
Dark Resistance -30%
Light Resistance +30%


Normal Attack
Inner Madness
Wields a giant sword freely to damage enemies nearby.

Chain Ability


Murderous Blow
Leaps and strikes enemies with a giant slash inflicting 250% of DPS damage.

Special Ability
On defeating enemies, increases Atk by 30% for 10 second(s) and restores 3% HP.
Passives[Party] Melee Atk +48.0%
+7.0% Atk increase on enemy kill

Exclusive Weapons

WeaponWeapon Skill
Geminus Legend Two-Handed Sword 3728-4093 DPS
Basic Atk 1356-1488 Crit Hit Chance 10%Def 84+20.0% Atk increase on enemy killDef +20.0%HP +20.0%
[Required Limit Break 5]Atk +10.0%

[Dual-personality Maid Amy only]
On hit, increase Critical Hit chance and Atk by 4% for 5 seconds with 40% chance, but reduce Def by 4%.
This effect overlaps up to 5 times.
Weapon Skill Lv +3

[Sub-Options] (Max 1)Weapon Skill Regen Speed +10.0%

Fickle Lady Lv.2

Atk: 195% DPS
Regen time: 9.9 seconds

Pulls enemies nearby and explodes. Puts enemies in downed state.

Awakening Materials


585 555 375 243 135

380 360 216 117 45

220 210 102 36 0

600 555 375 243 135

390 360 216 117 45

225 210 102 36 0

570 525 261 141 87

402 372 162 72 36

249 234 78 18 0

175 157 68 37 26

117 105 37 15 8

69 63 16 3 0

87 21 3 0 0


D 4/10 Based on 7 submitted ratings.
D 3.5/10 D 3.5/10 D 4.5/10 D 4.5/10
StoryKama-ZONEOrbital LiftTowers
D4.5/10 D4/10 D3.5/10 D4/10

Quick Evaluation

  • High individual damage output regardless of what team she is placed on, thanks to her party buff and special ability
  • While not universal, her party buff offers good synergy because of the broad range of heroes that do melee damage (tanks and warriors)
  • The final hit in her normal attack combo cannot be used while moving, making it ineffective against mobile enemies and leaving her vulnerable when she uses it
  • Lower survivability than most other melee heroes
  • Party buff isn't universal, limiting her from being successful in teams with ranged heroes
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  • _faider#0

    August 14, 2023

    Okay, They need to update this for starters:

    about the final attack is actually an upside because you can dash out of it and the axe will stay there until it finishes the attack.

    The lower survivability is real BUT it can be use in one’s favor you just will need to have a healer (I use Eleanor) and shield (shield being the grey bar, you can get it from cards) plus defence (again use cards)

    P.D if you Wonder why she needs that is because she has a gimmick, when fully evolution us reached everytime you hit someone damage and crits will be greater but she gains defence debuff

    Now why you should use her?

    Because she is honestly underrated the crits from her are crazy (My current Amy is at lv 77 with max weapon lv [withouth breaking the cap] plus buff ftom arifacts that deals greater weapon ability damage and charm that gives plus damge to basic I gotten up to 337560 damage and that is just counting the final blow of the weapon ability of Amy) just pair her with a healer and maybe a tank and you got the perfect team

    so you should give a ten out ten


    October 7, 2021

    hi heaenhold <3 can you please add this?
    Thumbs up : exclusive weapon increases her def by 77 – 86 (dont remember exact number sorry)
    Thumbs up : Exclusive weapon makes her attack higher by 40% when doing a crit overlapping by 4 times increasing it it 160% and increases her crit chance to ! in total
    Thumbs down : her exclusive passive decreases her def by 4% meaning she becomes squishier at 16% by most


      October 7, 2021

      Heavenhold* sorry for the wrong spelling

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Global/KR Japan
Name Amy
Released February 28, 2020 (GL/KR)
October 6, 2021 (Japan)
Age 23
Height 162cm
Weight 48kg
Element Basic
Role Warrior
Equipment Two-Handed Sword