The year is 502 A.H.

The game starts off in the Guardian’s Keep, in some sort of training grounds. Our character, the Knight, who has just passed his/her entrance exams, is being introduced as the newest Guardian to our new comrades by Knight Captain Eva in the middle of training.

You can equip costumes on the Knight from either gender, so it’s not the biggest deal if you regret your choice later.

You will be prompted to select a gender and personality for the Knight, as well as enter in your name. As far as we are aware, these decisions do not affect anything in the story, but both your gender and your personality affect your character’s voice.

Immediately after, another knight comes rushing over in a panic to report an approaching large unidentified object in the sky to Captain Eva. The battalion runs to the edge of the castle walls, where the large object can be seen descending from some evil looking clouds. It has what appears to be a face with glowing red eyes, and immediately begins launching fireballs at the castle, injuring a soldier named Bob.

Captain Eva starts issuing orders in an attempt to control the situation, but gets interrupted by a direct hit to the wall from a fireball. The Knight and everyone else on the wall get sent flying in separate directions as it comes down, and right as we’re about to fall to our doom, a mysterious glowing woman appears and slows our descent with a magical bubble. Upon safely landing on the ground, the girl stops glowing and we get a glimpse of her blonde hair and blue eyes. She immediately runs off and we are released from the bubble, allowing us to control the Knight.

The mysterious girl appears and saves us from what would likely be a fatal fall

Follow the girl to the east and you will see her waiting for you, only for her to run away again as you approach. Continue following her along the path, stepping on the switch to lower the block, and you will be blocked by a bunch of barrels which you can simply pick up using the action button, and throw by pressing it once more to break them. Now that you’ve unlocked the action button, you can hold it to dash when you’re not interacting with anything else.

Once you’ve cleared the path, continue onward until you catch up to the girl, and she will drop a Lv.1 Tutorial Sword for you. In the next area, you’ll see the girl surrounded by three Lv.1 Invader Soldiers, beginning your first encounter. The girl will vanish off screen after she the camera pans away from her, leaving you to deal with the enemies alone. You can try out your new sword and dispatch the enemies with ease, these ones don’t fight back.

After defeating them, you can continue to the east and brutally assassinate the invader that isn’t looking along the way. You will enter another encounter, only this time it’s a single Invader Soldier and a Lv.1 Invader Archer that actually fight back. They should not be hard to deal with, and upon defeating them a path will be revealed allowing you to assassinate the two invaders that have a red haired girl and Bob cornered. This is the first decision between good and evil you can make in the story.

If you choose to save them, the girl will introduce herself as Linda, and explain that she was trying to get Bob to safety after he was injured, when they got surrounded by the invaders.

She suggests you go to the east side where Captain Eva is still fighting, after which you will be awarded with some good points and a Lv.1 Tutorial Shield.

If you choose to leave them and carry on to the east, you will hear them scream off screen. If you back track you will see them laying on the ground and they won’t move if you interact with them. You will be not be awarded with evil points for this decision.

Moving on to the east, you will run into Captain Eva taking on four invaders at once, hitting them with beams of light as they run away in fear. She praises the goddess Plitvice upon seeing that you are safe, but cuts the celebration short mentioning she needs to get to the throne to protect the Queen and Princess. The Knight offers to help and we end up joining her party (or rather, she joins us). Keep following the path and defeat the Invader Warriors and archers along the way.

You will come across a split where one path is blocked by some signs, boxes, and barrels. Pick up the fire pot on the ground, light it using the torch on the top left, and you can throw it at the blockade to burn it down. This will reveal a giant treasure chest with 2000 gold in it.

Light the other unlit torch if you have not already, and continue north to fight the first boss, Minotaur.

Boss - Minotaur


Heavy Swing: He will slowly wind his axe back a little bit, and then slash towards you

Charge: He will telegraph a large red line in front of himself, then dash forward damaging anyone in his way


It’s actually really hard to lose this fight, as Eva will keep killing him even if you do nothing

After defeating the Minotaur, head north to the exit, and the scene will change to the Kanterbury Throne room (which should be very familiar to Legend of Zelda fans), where we see the Princess and Queen helping others escape. The Knight and Eva arrive, but are very promptly joined by a large unknown entity holding what appears to be a staff. He immediately drops a fireball on Queen Camilla, Eva, and the Knight, incapacitating them and leaving the princess the last one standing. With a surprising display, the Princess emits some kind of magic in her anger over her fallen allies, wrapping chains around the assailant to subdue him, and simultaneously reviving everyone.

The Queen is last seen getting hit by a laser. It is believed to be fatal, but was never confirmed

The Queen realizes the chains won’t hold their assailant for long, and creates a teleportation circle, urging everyone to get inside. The group teleports into the sky where they begin flying away while carrying the Knight. Eva asks the Queen where the group is heading, and Queen explains that the former kings of Kanterbury had previously warned of unknown invaders, and that heading to their final resting place in the Kanterbury Ruins may reveal some answers to what exactly is going on.

Before they get very far, the assailant reappears behind the group, seemingly having followed them through the teleportation circle. We gain control of the group and can change altitude to avoid some of the projectiles he begins firing at us, however it doesn’t make any difference. He begins firing lasers at the group, the first of which hits Eva and sends her flying. The next laser hits the Queen directly, causing the Princess and Knight, both of whom were being carried by her, to plummet from the sky.

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  • Bakasama

    May 9, 2021

    No prólogo há um outro baú secreto, antes de encontrar com o Bob que também é escondido por uma placa. Se levar a tocha até lá, será possível queima-la e ela dará acesso a um caminho que leva até um baú que dá 2000 moedas a mais no jogo além de ter uma outra placa com “…”
    Não é muito, mas é um segredo que descobri hj!

    • MrRick_PTY#3540

      April 1, 2022

      Traducción las español.
      En el prólogo hay otro cofre secreto, antes de conocer a Bob que también está oculto por una placa. Si llevas la antorcha allí, será posible quemarla y dará acceso a un camino que lleva a un cofre que da 2000 monedas más en el juego además de tener otra placa con “…”.
      No es mucho, ¡pero es un secreto que he descubierto hoy!

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