High-grade Artifacts
Tree of WealthTree of WealthAcquire extra 10 silver coins when collecting silver coins
Economical growth takes place through technological advance and revolutionary ideas. But with this tree, it's also possible with nutrition and pesticides.
Richman’s ChinrestRichman’s Chinrest[Party] +50.0% HP recovery on enemy kill
An accessory to support your chin. Usually found hidden in vaults, it must have been a luxurious item.
Practice Android No.19Practice Android No.19[Party] Melee Atk +100.0
The ancients invented this android as a practice device with there highest technology. It's massive body is imprinted with hand and foot marks of the ancients.
Orichalcum SpikeOrichalcum Spike[Party] Crit Hit Multiplier +100.0%
Small but solid install-type trap. You'll experience extreme pain if you step on it.
Lonely Right EarLonely Right Ear[Party] Def +30.0%
[Party] Atk +90.0% with Lonely Left Ear

This is a part of a trendy sound device in the ancient times. The left and right piece makes a pair but the right piece always seems to get lost. You've found the rare part, you sure are lucky.
Growing TabletGrowing Tablet[Party] Range Atk +100.0%
Used to be an outstanding item with both large screen and mobility before purchase. Once purchased, it'll grow too big to carry along.
Elegant CloakElegant Cloak[Party] +50.0% shield increase on battle start
The easiest and fastest way to show off one's wealth is risking an expensive sweater by draping it around the shoulders, instead of actually wearing it. Your enemies won't easily attack such elegance and class.
Battle Log ProjectorBattle Log Projector[Party] Skill Atk +100.0%
Self-reflection is essential to your growth. With this battle log projector, monitor your battles and hone your skills!
Agatha’s Kitchen KnifeAgatha’s Kitchen Knife[Party] Atk +30.0%
[Party] Def +30.0%

Agatha is meticulous enough to remember everything she got and gave. So you better not lose this gift Agatha gave you.
Mid-grade Artifacts
Steam Engine ShieldSteam Engine Shield[Party] Melee Def +50.0%
It looks like a shield, but it's too small to be one. Judging from the steam coming out of it, scholars assume that it may be a handle of a shield that can form a wide force field.
Speed GunSpeed Gun[Party] Damage Reduction 500.0
Speed isn't the only thing that needs to be regulated.
Red’s HelmetRed’s Helmet[Party] Fire Atk +50.0%
Teatan Red Ranger helmet. No one knows whether it really belonged to Red or it's just another helmet with exact same look. Smells like something burnt for reason.
Prophet’s HeadProphet’s Head[Party] +20.0% shield increase on battle start
Small but heavy statue. As if enlightened, you can feel the reverence from it's wide-open eyes and mouth. Seems to have been modeled after a great prophet or a fortune teller.
Opera GlassOpera Glass[Party] Crit Hit Chance +30.0%
It'll only make your arm tired, without giving much help to see something at normal times. But it comes handy when you try to catch a perfectly dramatic moment.
MetroBot the CheerbotMetroBot the Cheerbot[Party] Recover 20% HP every 10 second(s).
This adorable robot captain untiredly waves at you nonstop. It also makes a pleasant jingle at times.
Lens of Light and DarknessLens of Light and Darkness[Party] Atk -20.0%
[Party] Weapon Skill Regen Speed +50.0%

Don't let the left eye know what the right eye sees.
Golden War HornGolden War Horn[Party] Skill Atk +50.0%
[Party] Crit Hit Chance -10.0%

When the golden war horn blows, enemies lose any urge to fight.
Gnome PanopticonGnome Panopticon[Party] +20.0% HP recovery on enemy kill
Small monsters are sealed in this box. Were these cells to imprison gnomes?
Blue’s HelmetBlue’s Helmet[Party] Water Atk +50.0%
Teatan Blue Ranger helmet. No one knows whether it really belonged to Blue or it's just another helmet with the exact same look. Smells like ocean for some reason.
Low-grade Artifacts
Winter ClothesWinter Clothes[Party] Water Atk +15.0%
Your condition might rapidly deteriorate if you don't wear winter clothes during winter. These are more expensive than summer clothes as it requires more garment.
Unlimited Stream HumidifierUnlimited Stream Humidifier[Party] +10.0% shield increase on enemy kill
It continuously humidifies the atmosphere to keep everyone's skin nice and moist. Because that's what really matters in the battlefield, right?
Unfinished BreadUnfinished Bread[Party] +10.0% HP recovery on enemy kill
Seems it wasn't uncommon for the ancients to run to their educational institutes while holding bread with their mouths. It baffles a lot of scholars what exactly was the function of this bread, but it is widely accepted that it couldn't have been a food source.
TumbleweedTumbleweed[Party] Range Atk +15.0%
A must-have item for a marksman. If you have an important target, roll the tumbleweed behind you and set the atmosphere.
Steel Bone WingsSteel Bone Wings[Party] -1.0 seconds of weapon skill Regen time on enemy kill
It's a skeleton of wings spread into four directions. No animal with this kind of wings appears on any ancient documents. Maybe it flied in an unnoticeable speed.
Stealth Suit MG-2Stealth Suit MG-2[Party] Damage Reduction 100.0
Put on this luxurious stealth suit, and no enemy will spot you even if you are right in front of them. It's comfortable to wear, too!
Statue of FertilityStatue of Fertility[Party] Shield increases by 10% every 10 second(s).
A statue that gives us a peek at the ancient version of beauty. Seems there was a lot to eat in the old days.
Sponge With PantsSponge With PantsResting Area's Heal increases by 30%
Someone put a pair of pants on a sponge. Was that person going to attach a face, arms, and legs as well? Well isn't that just bizarre.
Predation FlowerPredation Flower[Party] Earth Atk +15.0%
You can feel a strong energy of life from the wide-open mouth to trap bugs. You'll feel the unknown desire to stick your finger into its mouth.
Multi-usage Smoke ShellMulti-usage Smoke Shell[Party] Def +7.0%
Aren't those disposable smoke shells such a waste of money? With this, you can easily create smoke whenever you want.
Miniature Triangular MotorMiniature Triangular Motor[Party] Weapon Skill Regen Speed +20.0%
It definitely looks like some kind of motor but really, it doesn't do anything. What could the ancients do with this small amount of output?
Lonely Left EarLonely Left Ear[Party] Crit Hit Multiplier +10.0%
This is a part of a trendy sound device in the ancient times. The left and right piece makes a pair but the right piece always seems to get lost. To prevent this situation, modern sound device designers have come up with a clever idea, which is to connect the pieces to a wire!
Key SwordKey Sword[Party] Basic Atk +15.0%
A weapon containing power that's neither light nor darkness. You can't open any door or treasure box with it.
Heresy GrinderHeresy Grinder[Party] Atk +10.0%
Though the blade became blunt over time, it must have been a deadly weapon.
Guard Captain’s BadgeGuard Captain’s Badge[Party] Atk, Heal +30.0% for Chain Skills targeting downed
You gain confidence just by holding it. You'll never get kicked out.
Free Man’s Steel TalonFree Man’s Steel Talon[Party] Melee Atk +15.0%
A close range weapon from the ancient times. Because of its unique look, sometimes it's used as a tool.
Balloon BouquetBalloon Bouquet[Party] Atk, Heal +30.0% for Chain Skills targeting airborne
However many you attach them, you can't lift a house. But it can easily lift some airborne monsters.
Cursed Artifacts
Ugly BootsUgly Boots[Party] Weapon Skill Regen Speed -50.0%
Sweaty feet will make you wary of other people. But for some reason, you just can't get this soft and warm thing off.
Someone’s YearbookSomeone’s Yearbook[Party] Atk -20.0%
If you thought someone else's yearbook isn't intriguing, then you got it wrong. Once you open this book, you won't be able to close it until you grow old enough to collapse.
Pie From HellPie From Hell[Party] Skill Atk -50.0%
You won't be able to put any food into your mouth after seeing this abomination of a food.
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