Queen’s Grace Lv.80 Epic Claw 3848 DPS
Dark Atk 956 Crit Hit Chance 15%Def 116Def +10.0%HP +25.0%Weapon Skill Regen Speed +12.0%
[Required Limit Break 5]Atk +10.0%

[Demon Queen Lilith only]
Activates a protection effect, which reduces damage taken by 20%.
Reduces skill regen time of Darkness Spike to 5 second(s), and Def reduction of enemies increases to 20%.
Weapon Skill Lv +4

[Sub-Options] (Max 1)Skill Damage +16.0%

Phantom Slash Lv.1

Atk: 230% DPS
Regen time: 11.2 seconds

Stretches a hand imbued with Demon Queen's power and scratches enemies. Puts enemies in injured state.

How to Obtain

Equipment Summon
Mileage Shop300
Epic Exclusive Equipment Boxes
Random Evolution
Random Stage Reward


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