Pride of Fighter Lv.74 Legend Gauntlet 3061 DPS
Light Atk 683 Crit Hit Chance 12%Def 154Def +18.0%HP +20.0%Weapon Skill Regen Speed +18.0%
[Required Limit Break 5]Atk +10.0%

[Kung Fu Master Mei/Fei only]
Attacking range of Shen Mountain Fist increases.
Restores HP by 100% of damage inflicted by double palm strikes.
Weapon Skill Lv +3

[Sub-Options] (Max 1)Skill Damage +20.0%

Ultimate Ice Flame Bomb

Atk: 160% DPS
Regen time: 8.5 seconds

Creates and throws an ice flame bomb. Puts enemies in downed state.

How to Obtain

Equipment Summon
Mileage Shop300
Legend Exclusive Equipment Boxes
Random Evolution
Random Stage Reward
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  • Slay

    November 26, 2020

    The Description of the Weapon Skill is off. The symbol is for Injured(correct) but it says ‘Downed state’.

    • Guardian Tales Wiki

      November 26, 2020

      Good catch. Fixed it, thanks!

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