Global/KR Japan
Name Veronica
Released February 26, 2021 (Korea)
March 9, 2021 (Global)
December 15, 2021 (Japan)
Age 37
Height 160cm
Weight 53kg
Element Water
Role Support
Equipment Staff


Veronica is the Archpriestess of the Chosen One.

The Chosen Ones is a group of people with a belief that "the legendary Chosen One will give them salvation from all the torment of this land" - a new religion that came about since the Invaders started to attack mankind. Their fate and goal are to find the legendary Chosen One. Because no one knows who the Chosen One is, nor whether one actually exists, they believe that they must find Chosen One candidates who might yet not be aware of them being "Chosen One," and awaken their abilities as the Chosen One through the Chosen One trial. Nothing is known about the specifics of the trial for the Chosen One, yet it is told that no one has survived it so far.

On the outside, Veronica is a kind and naive leader who guides the people to faith and devotion with the pure religious faith of hers. So naive, that she would even approach an enemy ten times the size of her to preach to them. Yet when someone refuses to believe in the Chosen One, it becomes a whole different story. It is said that Veronica's eyes give off a gruesome sparkle when she compels the non-believers to kneel and repent. There is one other occasion when her eyes sparkle; that is when she encounters a Chosen One candidate.

Veronica's faith in the immaterial Chosen One well deserves to be called fanatical - her unconditional faith has attained great power in itself and transformed into holy power, after all. As the World Tree has been burnt away, there are few Gods left who can officially bestow holy power. Thus however powerful, Veronica's holy power is a dangerous gift with its doubtful origin. Yet to the believers, there's no stronger living proof of the Chosen One. Veronica uses this 'Holy Power bestowed by the Chosen One' to propagate to the whole world, convert the non-believers, and arrest those who have escaped the cult. Recently, reports of a new Chosen One Candidate, the Guardian Knight, engrosses her attention.


Obtainable at 3

Max Awakened Stats Lv.95

Rank: 40/126
ATK 1395
Rank: 65/126
HP 52288
Rank: 7/126
DEF 431
Rank: 12/126
Crit Chance 5
Rank: 50/126
Damage Reduction 0
Rank: 13/126
Heal 0
Earth Resistance -30%
Fire Resistance +30%


Normal Attack
Archpriestess' Divine Authority
Punishment: Releases holy power to inflict damage to mid-range enemies
Blessing of the Chosen One: Increases nearby party members' Crit Hit Multiplier by 100% for 4 seconds.

Chain Ability


Light of Courage
Inflicts 180% of DPS on target with the holy light and increases the entire party's Crit Hit Chance and Atk by 30% for 5 seconds.

Special Ability
Recharge Holy Power
Increases damage and decreases damage taken, by 50% of weapon skill regen speed.
Passives[Party] Skill Atk +80.0%
Skill Atk +10.0%
+5.0% shield increase on battle start

Exclusive Weapons

WeaponWeapon Skill
Messiah Epic Staff 2901 DPS
Water Atk 841 Crit Hit Chance 15%HP +20.0%Skill Damage +30.0%Weapon Skill Regen Speed +20.0%
[Required Limit Break 5]Atk +10.0%

[Chosen One's Archpriestess Veronica only]
The Blessing of the Chosen one inflicts 150% of DPS damage on enemies and restores nearby allies' HP by 15%.
Weapon Skill Lv +4

[Sub-Options] (Max 1)Def +16.0%

Divine Stigma Lv.3

Atk: 160% DPS
Regen time: 9.1 seconds

Damages and imprints a lightning shape on enemies around the target with holy power. The lightning explodes after some time to inflict damage and put them in airborne state.

Awakening Materials
















B 7.4/10 Based on 17 submitted ratings.
C 6.5/10 C 6.5/10 A 8.5/10 B 7.5/10
StoryKama-ZONEOrbital LiftTowers
B7.5/10 B7.5/10 B7/10 A8/10

Quick Evaluation

  • Increases crit-based team DPS even with low investment into her; great with at least one ally crit party buff
  • Her exclusive weapon passive has an AoE 15% HP heal every ~7 seconds which leads to good team sustain over time
  • Excels in Kama-Zone during seasons with Weapon Skill Regen items in where her special ability can make her very sturdy
  • Surprisingly good defense which is buffed by her special ability
  • AI tries to position between ally melee and ranged units which can lead to her getting into trouble if not properly invested in
  • Other heroes can do her job as healer/tank better if there is a lack of team crit chance to benefit from her offensive buffing

Stat Priority

1Weapon Skill Regen Speed
3Crit Hit Chance
6Skill Damage
7Damage Reduction
Standard versatile build that gives her some sturdiness and decent damage, which is great for a hero that is meant to massively boost team damage. Her special ability gives a boost to both her offensive and defensive capabilities based on her Weapon Skill Regen Speed, which is why it's prioritized. This makes this build great regardless of whether she's your lead or not. Crit Hit Chance is taken over Atk to go with her Crit oriented buffs.
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  • Oukaya

    August 15, 2021

    Looks like they hard capped the damage reduction of her passive at 50% to prevent people from cheesing Kamazone.

  • Wisely

    May 25, 2021

    hehe i spammed these comments lol

  • Cabbage

    April 15, 2021

    How is she not an S tier in KAMA zone? She’s literally the best there with extreme difference. If anything, she’s above S as she can be made inmortal with weapon skill regeneration bonus (which are also obtained from the 3d glasses, not only the among us object)

  • Marco

    April 7, 2021

    Qualcuno mi sa dire quante pietre risveglio servono per fullare veronica da 3* a 5*? grazie

  • oo

    March 30, 2021

    KAMAZONE -> EX tier

  • Mojo

    March 22, 2021

    What the..
    She’s 37 years old?, holy…

    • Mudskie

      March 24, 2021


    • Isa

      June 1, 2021

      Most characters in this game appear much older than what they look like ngl

  • Aki

    March 17, 2021

    any weapon that suits her if u dont have her exclusive?

    • Cabbage

      March 18, 2021

      If you want to put her in a water team you should go with coco’s staff ( if you don’t have her as the main hero of your team; or the ice moon staff ( which has airborne ulti and I think it could be obtained from the story so if you go far enough you should get it, but i’m not sure tho. If you want her to deal a different elemental damage,

      If you want her to deal a different elemental damage you should be going for eva’s staff or a staff that has an airborne ability so you can chain from it

      • Keiran

        March 18, 2021

        Veronica can Chain from Anything so Witch Heart is a Good Choice Considering that it has an Injury Ailment. You can also Choose a Weapon that has Airborne if you want to deal 50% more Damage when the Opponent is Affected by the Ailment.

        • Cabbage

          March 19, 2021

          whoops. true, I just looked the chain of her main weapon, my bad

  • Spggdy

    March 10, 2021

    Marina Garam Bianca and Veronica, quite an op team comp (mono water)to quickly burst down PvE and colosseum
    Good time to reroll

  • Wisely

    March 9, 2021

    Hey… This release date is wrong! She came out at 11 pm where I live so lol yeah who else had her come out before 11:59 PM (23:59)? Reply with a “Wrong date where I live” or something I just wanna see

    Also, do I milage her or liberator for my FP? Or FK, cosmic destroyer… Nari’s ex?
    MY team comp right now is Bianca, FP, Bari, and Nari. I think I might want a support for World 10… (Thanks for the help TripleQ! It actually worked! Only 3 revives total and I still reaped the gems back lol) But I dunno. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME (AgaiN)
    serious #TooConfused#TooOften lately
    So basically, Vero, FP ex, FK, FK ex, Nari ex, Vero ex are my milage list items (Used to think unique’s ex weapons weren’t a need or really a want, but they seem to be better now)

    • Enyo

      March 9, 2021

      If you’re looking for a support that gives you more of a kick then I would say Vero, but Liberator is a one size fits all kind of unit and is also usable in W11, if you’re looking for the MOST progression both Co-op, PVP, PVE and Story then I would say FP and Liberator are your best option here.

      • Wisely

        March 11, 2021

        Well I saw that, decided that my team needs a support more than I should be prioritizing exs, and got her- no regrets so far- grinding evo stones and xp for my whole team though so I mean (only Nari is evolved and she’s only 4 star ;w;) the team isn’t at it’s full potential, gonna work up gems for liberator. Thanks :3

    • Agrias

      March 18, 2021

      They aren’t wrong
      You probably play on GMT +7
      It’s just a different timezone

  • Wisely

    March 8, 2021

    She’s so gonna be in my training room for a bit to see how it works, thennnnnn i have to grind out xp…. nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dhfus gfhw rngyje gyberg nyutyu

  • Wisely

    March 5, 2021

    3 days guys- Hope I get FK soon- the banner is cursed for my slightly younger brother and I

  • Wisely

    March 1, 2021

    Her lore screams “I secretly lead a group of murders through ‘rituals’ and nobody notices because we believe in a ‘Chosen One’ so they think we’re just weird” to me

    • Wisely

      March 1, 2021

      Oh also in the background you can see spies, well, spying on her

  • OwlRevengerz

    March 1, 2021

    do you think if Veronica and Miya will work well together? I was thinking that in my mind if she comes out and if I had her tho

    • Axist

      March 9, 2021

      She’s kind of interchangeable with Miya. They both have the same chain and trigger. They both have skill dmg + as their main party stat. Miya is for when you need heals and Veronica is for when you need aggressive dominance.

      I am just starting to get my first real party composition and it is Future Princess, Beth, Oghma, and Veronica. Originally, I was aiming for Miya to be my fourth but I summoned Veronica from the non-hero-pick-up on my first draw when the banner began. I chuckled and threw in a couple 10x weapon summons on her weapon pick-up and now here I am with a 4th member weeks before I thought I would have her. As I picked apart her stats I realized how easy it would be to interchange her and Miya for different needs and how OP that would be.

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Global/KR Japan
Name Veronica
Released February 26, 2021 (Korea)
March 9, 2021 (Global)
December 15, 2021 (Japan)
Age 37
Height 160cm
Weight 53kg
Element Water
Role Support
Equipment Staff