Global/KR Japan
Name Rue
Released December 17, 2020 (Korea)
December 29, 2020 (Global)
Age ?
Height 178cm
Weight 61kg
Element Earth
Role Warrior
Equipment Rifle


Rue is Santa's helper aiding Santa to deliver gifts all around the world on Christmas.

She's a weredeer, a deer human existed since ancient times. She is by herself after poachers slaughtered her family when she was young. She possesses wild instinct and exceptional physical prowess, and also a special ability sealed under her name given by her family. Usually she uses her alias and hides her real name. Santa is the only one knowing her real name as of now.

She's a bit gloomy and cynical. And sometimes cold and indifferent. However, when it comes to fixing Santa's problem, she's fierce and passionate. She would burn down the entire house to fright the mouse. She is skillful in using explosives and huge weaponry, and also very adept in steering giant gears such as dump trucks and aircrafts with her "instinctive knack." There's even a famous anecdote. The day Santa bought the gift-delivery aircraft because the sleigh was too cold, Rue lifted off the aircraft with no problem. Confounded Santa asked, "When did you get a pilot's license?" and Rue answered, "I didn't." Santa slapped on Rue's back, telling her to go get one, so Rue did as Santa said: the very next day she got Tetis special pilot's license on her first try.

Rue used to be a weak cry baby at her young age. The cold weather made her nose red, and the kids would tease her, how she is sniffing and crying again. Then she would actually burst into tears. Only a sweet candy in her mouth could lighten her day. Even now when she's giving her loyalty to Santa under the "Real Name Contract," there's always a piece of candy in her mouth.


Obtainable at 3

Max Awakened Stats Lv.95

Rank: 30/122
ATK 1441
Rank: 42/122
HP 55705
Rank: 2/122
DEF 524
Rank: 12/122
Crit Chance 5
Rank: 50/122
Damage Reduction 0
Rank: 13/122
Heal 0
Fire Resistance -30%
Water Resistance +30%


Normal Attack
Weredeer Firing Technique
Point Blank Shot: Shoots a powerful shotgun. Prioritizes her attack to ranged dealers or enemies far away.
Charge: Charges to a target to inflict melee Atk. Reduces the target's Atk by 30% for 4 seconds.

Chain Ability


Gift Box Launch
Throws a gift box filled with bombs to inflict 420% of DPS.

Special Ability
Sturdy Horn
When Charge is used, reduces the damage taken by 30% for 4 second(s).
Passives[Party] Earth Atk +50.0%
+5.0% shield increase on battle start

Exclusive Weapons

WeaponWeapon Skill
Terminator Epic Rifle 3015-3311 DPS
Earth Atk 1436-1577 Magazine Size 2Crit Hit Chance 5%Def +20.0%HP +18.0%Skill Damage +16.0%
[Required Limit Break 5]Atk +10.0%

[Santa's Little Helper Rue only]
When Point Blank Shot hits a target within 3 tiles, increases damage by 10%.
Weapon Skill Lv +4

[Sub-Options] (Max 1)+5.0% shield increase on battle start

Sleigh Air Support Lv.1

Atk: 165% DPS
Regen time: 10 seconds

Calls for Air Support to inflict damage to a wider range. Puts enemies in downed state.

Awakening Materials















Banner History


B 7.6/10 Based on 11 submitted ratings.
S 9/10 A 8/10 A 8/10 B 7/10
StoryKama-ZONEOrbital LiftTowers
B7/10 B7.5/10 B7/10 B7/10

Quick Evaluation

  • Very sturdy as far as warriors go, which is amplified by her ability to debuff her target's Atk as well as reduce her damage taken
  • Her A.I specifically targets enemy backlines, and when taunted, she'll continue targeting them once the taunt is over
  • She's great at dogfighting in Arena thanks to her high stats
  • While she can really thrive on Earth teams and amplify their damage with her party buff, she doesn't synergize well with other elements
  • Her short range and long weapon skill cooldown can be abused in many Arena matchups
  • She's fairly lack luster in terms of versatility, even if you're set on making an Earth team
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  • Geralt

    February 7, 2021

    Wow! finally the updates! Great job guys just for your information that I depends a lot from your rate on building teams guys so thanks will never be enough! keep up the good work lololol

  • Pathetic

    February 1, 2021

    Took you guys over a month to review this? Pathetic

    • Pandi

      February 2, 2021

      You’re the one who’s pathetic. Commenting on how other people are pathetic because you have nothing better to do

      • Pathetic

        February 4, 2021

        Okay website simp lmfaooo

        • KingPigXXI

          February 4, 2021

          From my understanding, this is entirely volunteer work. As such, you should be accommodating if they don’t have enough time to finish a review immediately. It takes time to figure out the ins and outs of a hero, and learn what they’re good at and what they’re bad at. If you want to help out with those reviews, I believe you can join the Discord and help them out.
          One of the most important things is communication. If you have a problem with how long it took to review this, don’t just keep it inside and let it stew and get angry because nobody does anything. If you want somebody to do something, you should first let them know that you what that something to be done. The Discord server is great for contacting the people who run this. You can let them know that you’d prefer it if they focused on reviewing new heroes as soon as possible. Even better, you can help them review those heroes yourself, and make this site better for everybody.
          I’ll admit that I’d prefer it if they reviewed new heroes as soon as possible. I personally am not the greatest player in Guardian Tales, and I only have a rough understanding of what’s good in the meta. It’d be great if they could have a review, even if it’s a cursory one that only includes a general rating, so I can have an idea of whether it’s worth it to try and get that hero. But you should try to be respectful when you tell them suggestions, instead of being rude and hostile. It’d make this site better for everybody if you do.

          • Pathetic

            March 30, 2021

            Didn’t read LOL, you really wrote all that out? Sad!

          • Sirxxx

            July 24, 2021

            don’t worry I red it. Ty for your comment king.

        • Moth

          September 26, 2021

          nice name btw pathetic person

    • Ur pathetic

      April 17, 2021

      Patheitc bitch, hope u lose ur account LOL

      • -.-

        May 29, 2021

        yea hope this shallow person burns to death and get reincarnated as a cockroach

      • friend_hood

        February 10, 2022

        1. Get a life retard
        2. Don’t be a wussy baby, get mature or get lost
        3. Stop tryna be some keyboard warrior cuz you ain’t as cool as ya think ya are bud
        4. My advice to you is not to name yourself sumthin that you are, its too ironic
        5. I had fun schooling you

    • TripleQGaming

      April 19, 2021

      If you’re going to simply attack a website for not being up to your standards, than that itself is pretty pathetic

      This website is currently staffed entirely by volunteers, and only about a few dozen people have actually made a contribution. As such, the rate at which we’re reviewing new heroes are pretty fast, as this is (as far as I know) the only site that can keep track of the meta at this pace.

      If you’re simply going to just insult people who are making legitimate arguments, well, you’re just stupid.

      I hope you learned something today.

      • smooth brained

        November 7, 2021

        the guys calling this site pathetic probably couldn’t roll for the hero they wanted and are now salty at how others have enough info to write pages

  • Cabbage

    February 1, 2021

    when will you update her rating???


    January 15, 2021

    when the rating will be updating?

    • Pandi

      January 29, 2021

      I know. They updated Gabrielle’s rating and not rues

  • kid

    January 4, 2021

    i got her from visitor trick

    • Dudu dude

      January 20, 2021

      Teach me master …
      Im new to this freaking awesome game.

    • Pandi

      January 22, 2021

      How do u do the visitor trick?

  • kid

    January 4, 2021

    yes die garam

  • Diana

    January 3, 2021

    I accidentally got her, help.

    • meninzera

      January 3, 2021

      Do you have Bari?
      They get along very well.
      I’m just curious about its attack… is it ranged?
      If so, you could pair them up with Tinia.
      I mean, Tinia might not be the best, but she is still a decent powerhouse.
      100%+ damage for Rue and Tinia, plus Bari +80% skill.
      Maybe FP without a shield to get +50% ranged and tank.

      • meninzera

        January 3, 2021

        Sorry.. I forgot to mention +100% to Bari as well.

      • Poplar

        January 4, 2021

        I just tested her damage on scarecrow when she’s solo and when she’s in team with Shapira (melee atk team buff). Damage didn’t changed, so I’m sure her attack type is ranged

        • Enyo

          January 6, 2021

          Her attack type is melee as she’s classified as a warrior. I’d say best team would be Bari, Rue, and maybe Craige or Tinia.

      • Pandi

        January 20, 2021

        She’s ranged, ish

      • Pandi

        February 4, 2021

        Oh the torrent! Why did they have to be on different banners?!?!

  • Koko dayooo

    January 1, 2021

    Not versatile heroes, dev intentionaly maker her type as warrior so his buff limited and not overpower.
    If only her normal atk likes lupina it would be better

    • Lily

      January 3, 2021

      surely you havent see rue in colloseum, killing garam and bari around, she’s definitely a terminator

  • Wyatt

    December 29, 2020

    Does she deal melee or ranged damage?

    • Kasel

      December 29, 2020

      She’s a ranged warrior

    • Kasel

      December 29, 2020

      But u know… that’s a shotgun so the range won’t be as far as other ranged

      • Mike

        January 6, 2021

        She’s primarily ranged damage but her charge is melee.

        • Banana

          January 21, 2021

          Tried with range atk buff and melee atk buff
          Rue is a MELEE hero, for both shotguns, and charge.

          • Banana

            January 21, 2021

            Sorry, correction, after repeated testing she is ranged lol my bad

  • Totona

    December 29, 2020

    How good is she? I accidently have her and her wep

    • biplane

      December 30, 2020

      Solid, probably looking to already have a mono-earth team going. Good with Bari

      • Mike

        January 4, 2021

        Especially with the next elemental tower being earth. Also, I feel like she will wreck Garam since she closes distance fast, buffs her defense when she does, and can blunt his attack at the same time. I think she shows promise.

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Global/KR Japan
Name Rue
Released December 17, 2020 (Korea)
December 29, 2020 (Global)
Age ?
Height 178cm
Weight 61kg
Element Earth
Role Warrior
Equipment Rifle