Global/KR Japan
Name Lynn
Released January 28, 2021 (Korea)
February 9, 2021 (Global)
January 12, 2022 (Japan)
Age 23
Height 146cm
Weight 43kg
Element Fire
Role Warrior
Equipment One-Handed Sword


Lynn is a chef running a bento shop in Shen City.

She's a chef using monster meat as the main ingredient. Lynn's shop was doing quite well until one customer's review bomb completely decimated her business overnight. That night, while on her way back home after drinking her sorrow away, she rescued a child almost getting run over by an automobile and got fatally injured. After miraculously waking up, she somehow gained insight into cooking and operating a shop, and decided to try again one last time.

Lynn's misfortune started way before her shop went bankrupt; she is truly the incarnation of bad luck. The restaurant run by her parents went bankrupt during the time of clashes between the Tiger clan and the Viper clan. Every other little diner Lynn started to work at went straight bankrupt. Eventually, she had no choice but to go learn how to cook from an old chef she met in the first diner she worked. Since everything goes south when she tries to do anything, she got into the habit of drinking tea and getting drunk every day to soothe the bitterness.

She loves every kind of tea, but her favorite is Shen City's most beloved grain tea. When she drinks tea she'll befriend anyone next to her, and get into a fight with the person next to them the following moment. She's lively and friendly when she's drunk, but always anxious when she's sober. The same thing goes for her combats; with her drinks, she gets more powerful, full of confidence, and without any hesitation. It's hard to tell if she's performing martial arts or she's just too drunk to control her body when she fights, and that Is her own signature 'Drunken Swordsmanship' move.


Obtainable at 3

Max Awakened Stats Lv.95

Rank: 21/122
ATK 1532
Rank: 22/122
HP 58980
Rank: 5/122
DEF 496
Rank: 59/122
Crit Chance 0
Rank: 50/122
Damage Reduction 0
Rank: 13/122
Heal 0
Water Resistance -30%
Earth Resistance +30%


Normal Attack
Drunken Chef
Drunken Swordsmanship: Uses sword technique that consumes energy to inflict damage.
Flame Martial Arts: Breathes fire and damages enemies, and increases Atk by 30% for 4 seconds.

Chain Ability


Throwing Dagger
Throws a dagger to inflict 320% of DPS.

Special Ability
Energy Restoration
Damage taken is reduced by 30% when energy is full or while restoring energy.
Passives[Party] Melee Atk +50.0%
Skill Atk +18.0%

Exclusive Weapons

WeaponWeapon Skill
Red Lotus Epic One-Handed Sword 3071-3372 DPS
Fire Atk 966-1060 Crit Hit Chance 6%Def +10.0%HP +10.0%Skill Damage +10.0%
[Required Limit Break 5]Atk +10.0%

[Drunken Swordmaster Lynn only]
On hit, sets enemy on fire and inflicts 100% of DPS of injury damage. Activates once every 4 seconds.
Weapon Skill Lv +4

[Sub-Options] (Max 1)Weapon Skill Regen Speed +10.0%

Drunken Swordsmanship Frenzy

Atk: 175% DPS
Regen time: 9.6 seconds

Performs a sword dance to inflict damage to nearby enemies, and put them in downed state.

Awakening Materials


648 618 468 276

434 414 294 150

244 234 144 48

642 612 402 258

434 414 246 138

250 240 114 42

618 558 348 180

266 396 228 102

436 246 120 36

170 152 91 65

109 97 38 18

59 53 16 2

87 21 0 0

Banner History


B 7.5/10 Based on 14 submitted ratings.
S 9/10 C 6/10 A 8.5/10 A 8.5/10
StoryKama-ZONEOrbital LiftTowers
B7.5/10 B7/10 C6/10 B7.5/10

Quick Evaluation

  • She's able to burst down enemies thanks to the Atk buff from her Flame Martial Arts ability and her party buff
  • Her exclusive weapon skill can chain fairly easily, giving her an edge in arena since she can stun after less than two casts if most of the hits land
  • She can work well on any melee team, and especially well in mono fire raid teams since the fire hero pool is mostly warriors that deal melee damage
  • She's got great survivability thanks to her very high base Def and the 30% damage reduction whenever she's not attacking that she gains from her special ability
  • Her exclusive weapon skill has a very short range, and she moves slower while it's casting
  • Her short attack range can leave her open to being kited in Arena, and her energy bar can make it difficult to finish enemies off, as she will be unable to attack for 4 seconds if it's depleted
  • She's fairly lack luster in PvE and Colosseum, aside from the party buff she can provide to other melee heroes

Stat Priority

2Crit Hit Chance
3Weapon Skill Regen Speed
4Skill Damage
7Damage Reduction
Atk and Crit Hit Chance are taken over Weapon Skill Regen Speed since she's not as reliant on her weapon skill for damage and survivability. Most of her damage comes from her Flame Martial Arts ability.
Melee Support
2Crit Hit Chance
5Skill Damage
6Damage Reduction
7Weapon Skill Regen Speed
When not being used as a lead, there's less benefits to Skill Damage, so defensive stats take priority. Weapon Skill Regen Speed is dropped since she won't be using her weapon skill.

Suggested Weapon

Red LotusHer exclusive weapon which does a lot of damage thanks to the exclusive weapon passive it has.
ArmadaAn arena strategic choice. Used to subvert expectations, as opponents can use injury negation cards to try countering Lynn. Has higher defensive stats, but you lose out on the matching element bonus. The weapon skill is weaker than Red Lotus and has a longer cooldown than when Marina uses it.

Suggested Accessory

Minotaur’s NecklaceGives her the highest possible offensive potential.
Ruby Mirror RingA more defensive choice.
Sharp ShooterThe next best offensive option after Minotaur's Necklace. Lacks Weapon Skill Regen Speed and has lower defensive stats.
Gold Pocket WatchA good and accessible defensive choice that has high Weapon Skill Regen Speed, making it suitable when running her as a lead or using her in arena.

Suggested Cards

2x AtkGives her consistent damage.
2x CritFor higher potential damage, but less consistent.
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  • tilo lock

    May 26, 2021

    NO BUILD !?@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”

    • Swordz

      August 14, 2021

      You really do have a mental illness, don’t you? What are you, a ten-year-old? How many keyboards have you smashed?

      • jinx

        August 14, 2021

        you don’t know your keyboard do you?

  • thisisinaccuratelol

    May 24, 2021

    She’s fairly lackluster in colo and pve yet has a 8.5 and 9.25?

    • Ramudo

      May 24, 2021

      I don’t have her personally, but the amount of time the website team takes to find the data for these characters is extensive. There’s probably a reason she’s that high, I just probably couldn’t tell you why.

  • Nullified

    April 1, 2021

    isn’t she from Final Fantasy XIII? lol april fools gg

    • Nullified

      April 2, 2021

      whoops, i meant to post this on the april fools hero

  • Digital004

    February 9, 2021

    I feel so sorry for her that everyone was hype about her until Future Knight news from KR server steals her spotlight and no one seems to care her anymore …..

  • Energy?

    February 9, 2021

    What do they mean by:
    “Damage taken is reduced by 30% when energy is full or while restoring energy.”
    What is energy?

    • Jester

      February 10, 2021

      She has an energy bar that is used when she attacks. My understanding of it is that basically any time she isn’t attacking she has a 30% Def buff. Not bad at all paired with her already high def.

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Global/KR Japan
Name Lynn
Released January 28, 2021 (Korea)
February 9, 2021 (Global)
January 12, 2022 (Japan)
Age 23
Height 146cm
Weight 43kg
Element Fire
Role Warrior
Equipment One-Handed Sword