Global/KR Japan
Name Bari
Released May 13, 2020 (Korea)
July 28, 2020 (Global)
October 13, 2021 (Japan)
Age ?
Height 170cm
Weight 50kg
Element Earth
Role Ranged
Equipment Basket


Bari is a high priestess of the god of harvest. Her mission is to resurrect the burnt world tree by collecting happy memories from people.

Bari grants you one wish and takes your happiest memory away in return. The greater the wish, the bigger chunk of memories it'll cost. Bari always tries to remain distant to her clients to avoid getting involved with humans but often fails due to her compassionate nature. When she sees someone desperately in need but does not have enough happy memories, she chips in her own memory to grant the wish. You should not get frustrated if she doesn't remember you - it just means she cherished the memory with you and passed the happiness to another in need.

She has two rules when granting wishes. One - if her client becomes greedy and attempts to exploit her, she will make sure the client pay for the sin whether it's by her own hand or by curse of mother nature. Two - she won't bring anyone back from dead.

It always made clients' lives worse.


Obtainable at 3

Max Awakened Stats Lv.95

Rank: 3/126
ATK 1789
Rank: 67/126
HP 50243
Rank: 55/126
DEF 258
Rank: 34/126
Crit Chance 4
Rank: 50/126
Damage Reduction 0
Rank: 13/126
Heal 0
Fire Resistance -30%
Water Resistance +30%


Normal Attack
Nature Energy Blaster
Fires spell bullet with condensed energy of the earth.

Chain Ability


Rose Grab
Rose vines swirl around the enemies. Inflicting 300% of DPS and reducing earth type resistance by 30% for 5 second(s).

Special Ability
Magic Spell Recharge
When spell bullets are recharged. Atk increases by 30% for 5 second(s).
Passives[Party] Skill Atk +90.0%
+10.0% shield increase on battle start

Exclusive Weapons

WeaponWeapon Skill
Mayreel Epic Basket 2620 DPS
Earth Atk 636 Heal 891Crit Hit Chance 3%HP +15.0%Skill Damage +24.0%Weapon Skill Regen Speed +18.0%
[Required Limit Break 5]Atk +10.0%

[Flower Girl Bari only]
Fires a swift spell bullet by 50% chance. Swift spell bullet shoots at 40% higher speed, and it recharges in 40% shorter time than normal spell bullets.
Weapon Skill Lv +3

[Sub-Options] (Max 1)Def +15.0%

Flower Bomb Lv.3

Atk: 215% DPS
Regen time: 7.8 seconds

Continuously fires spell bullets. Puts enemies in injured state.

Awakening Materials


582 552 348 252

374 354 192 120

112 102 66 18

696 666 390 246

482 462 246 138

193 183 114 42

570 510 330 240

370 330 186 120

119 99 78 36

150 132 78 66

109 97 42 34

53 47 11 7

87 21 3 3

Banner History


C 6.9/10 Based on 13 submitted ratings.
D 5.5/10 B 7/10 B 7/10 B 7/10
StoryKama-ZONEOrbital LiftTowers
B7.5/10 B7/10 B7/10 B7.5/10

Quick Evaluation

  • Highest Atk stat in the game allowing her to do some insane damage
  • Plenty of units to synergize with due to her universal party buff, which will keep her strong even as the meta shifts from earth
  • Tanky for a ranged unit
  • Her exclusive weapon skill has a long range, recharges quickly, and is easy to hit due to its fast projectile speed
  • Slowed movement while charging attacks making it harder for her to kite and dodge abilities
  • A significant amount of her damage is dependent on RNG in the form of her exclusive weapon passive procs

Stat Priority

1Weapon Skill Regen Speed
2Skill Damage
4Crit Hit Chance
7Damage Reduction
This is the recommended build for both Arena and Colosseum if you decide to lead her. The Weapon Skill Regen Speed allows Bari to chain as quickly as possible, taking advantage of her exclusive weapon skill's low cooldown. In Arena this means your general strategy is to run until you can use your weapon skill.

HP is taken over Def to leverage the shield she gains at the start of fights as a passive.
General DPS (Not Lead)
2Crit Hit Chance
3Skill Damage
6Weapon Skill Regen Speed
7Damage Reduction
This build assumes you have no intention of leading Bari, and just want her normal attacking from the backline. Very similar to the above, except Weapon Skill Regen Speed is dropped as it no longer applies.

Suggested Weapon

MayreelBari's exclusive weapon, which is especially important on her due to how drastic of a difference the exclusive passives make.
Curiosity SolverA weapon you can make do with if you don't have Mayreel. Has high DPS for a basket and is compatible with Bari's chain ability.
Sage BeadAnother alternative you can use until you get Mayreel if you happen to have it, but it doesn't allow her to chain. If you're not leading her then it can help you get by.

Suggested Accessory

Sharp ShooterBest offensive option, as its high Crit Hit chance helps Bari nuke enemies with her high Atk.
Minotaur’s NecklaceLow toughness, but increases Atk and Skill Damage by a lot.
Gold Pocket WatchEssentially a budget version of Minotaur's Necklace, as it's way easier to MLB.

Suggested Cards

2x Atk CardsBoosts her incredibly high Atk stat even further.
2x Crit Hit Chance CardsA good option if you're using Sharp Shooter to make her land critical hits as often as possible.
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  • Vaykor Keksis#7568

    November 8, 2022

    So, is she just bad now? Or is it a case of everyone else being stronger?

    • OghmaReseter#8634

      January 28, 2023

      Nah Bari Got A HUGE and When I mean HUGE I mean HHHUUUGGGEEE NERF She IS Just too much of a glass cannon. Ok She Has High Attack BUt The Defence IS So Bad Not Even 3 Tanks With Her Would Cover Her Trash Defence.

  • Akairo

    December 3, 2021

    I’m playing japan server.
    I have Nari, Garam, Tinia, and Bari
    If guild raid is most important, which two characters of those is recommended for having limit break ?

    I’m not good at English, so sentence might be weird.
    Please tolerate some mistakes on grammer, or word choise

    • MrRagger

      December 5, 2021

      If the guild raid is the most important thing to you, the best out of those is Nari, who is good in any ranged team, and then probably tinia, followed closely by bari. Garam is better than both of those in water team, but both tinia and bari are more flexible in terms of what teams they can be good on. Also, Bari and Garam are better in colo than tinia.

  • DeadlySponge

    October 23, 2021

    Honestly she is good. Insane damage, although, she’s a bit slow. Also I think they need to update this tier list because her hp is actually very low.

  • Token

    September 12, 2021

    Bari is the entire definition of a nuke. If you give her Sharpshooter or any other DPS accessory, she can basically bomb an entire team in modes like Colosseum and Arena. I can’t tell you how many times she took down me and my friends teams because once again, she is a entire nuke. Over all, a great unit, consider adding her to your team if you can

  • lider69

    February 3, 2021

    es 100% cierto la cantidad de materiales para despertar ??

  • Shepharius

    January 27, 2021

    accesories filter stats doesnt work

  • Pervers

    December 15, 2020

    is the amount of material for awakening really correct?

  • Triple

    December 14, 2020

    How does her special ability actually work?

  • GT Fans

    December 7, 2020

    This girls is a Nuke

  • Diana

    November 23, 2020

    The bomb that is girl.

  • Double now known as Nobody

    November 9, 2020

    Assuming that some of the displayed stats are rounded I think I have figured out the formula….
    Feel free to test on your end but I think it is.
    Hero’s true ATK AKA “X” = (hero atk *(all relevant buffs + awakening atk buffs) + hero atk)/100
    Hero DPS no crit AKA “Y” =Weapon DPS*X
    Hero DPS = Y * Self crit chance +Y
    FYI “hero atk” is what is directly shown in the book only lvl 1, max, and MLB (no awakening). “relevant buffs” are only the ones in the buff list located on the party settings page and a 1.9% buff = 0.019. “Weapon DPS” is the number that is seen just before equipping to said hero(element buff).”self crit chance” said hero’s crit. Ignore party buffs and Skills. party buffs and skills can only be tested in-game because of this. I don’t have a hero to test how a party buff effects the hero that gives the buff “it does in some amount”.

    • Guardian Tales Wiki

      November 9, 2020

      Thanks for this! We’ll test it out on the Discord and if it’s accurate I’ll include it in the team builder I’m working on. 🙂

      • Thatonedudeontheinternet

        November 18, 2020

        I love your game please make more worlds soon!

      • Cabbage

        January 11, 2021

        did you guys test this formula? does this actually work? I’m doing a spreadsheet with all heroes and if it works I would be happy to send the spreadsheet to you so anyone here could use it

  • Double

    November 5, 2020

    What does the atk stat mean in regards to dps. I ask because when I equip a weapon the dps the weapon has is vastly different from what the hero dps says. Sometimes the hero dps is even lower (LOW ATK stat heroes).

    • Guardian Tales Wiki

      November 6, 2020

      Nobody has derived the formula used for DPS yet, unfortunately. It does however incorporate offensive stats, and not just Atk. Crit Hit chance, Skill Damage, and regen all affect DPS if I’m not mistaken.

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Global/KR Japan
Name Bari
Released May 13, 2020 (Korea)
July 28, 2020 (Global)
October 13, 2021 (Japan)
Age ?
Height 170cm
Weight 50kg
Element Earth
Role Ranged
Equipment Basket