The stage starts with you and the little princess walking down a street full of trick or treaters. She’s dressed in a little devil halloween costume and thanks you for coming along. After the scene, you can continue down the street and knock on the doors of any of the houses with blue arrows.

In the first house, you will be greeted by Vishuvac and Girgas, who are dressed in their respective Burning Mummy Vishuvac and Werewolf Girgas costumes. Vishuvac proceeds to give the princess candy, and offers to play a game.

If you accept, it will start a mini-game. The game starts off with 4 puppies. Vishuvac proceeds to give one of the puppies a candy, then instructs you to find the puppy with the candy. The puppies will proceed to jump and run around, and all you need to do is keep track of the puppy that Vishuvac gave the candy to.

If you select the right puppy when prompted, Vishuvac will reward you with a Star Piece. You can play the mini-game again as much as you would like by interacting with Vishuvac, but it will not give you any extra rewards.

Knock on the door of the second house to find Marvin, Plitvice, and Lavi, dressed in their Creature Marvin, Red Vampire Plitvice, and Strange Doctor Lavi costumes. Marvin will give the little princess candy, after which you can interact with him to start another mini-game.

The game is essentially Red Light, Green Light. Marvin will have an attack gauge under him that slowly fills, and he will look behind him when the gauge is full. You will control the princess against Plitvice and Lavi.

Stop before Marvin’s gauge fills or else you have to start over

As the little princess has a faster base movement speed than both Plitvice and Lavi, the best strategy is to dash forward ahead of Plitvice until the gauge is about 80% full, and then stop. Repeating this multiple times will essentially guarantee that you will beat both Plitvice and Lavi.

If you beat this mini-game, you can choose between a shiny stone (duh, it’s a Star Piece) and candy. Choosing the shiny stone will reward the princess with a Star Piece, which she then gives to you. Choosing the candy will reward the princess with the candy, which she will then give to Plitvice. Replaying the mini-game will reward you with the opposite reward than what you chose.

The third house has Knight Captain Eva, however, she is dressed as her alter ego, Idol Captain Eva, wearing the Rockstar Idol Eva costume. She will give the princess many, many, many candies, while giving you only one. She states that she is hosting a game, to which the princess expresses that she would like to participate.

This mini-game is pretty simple. There are multiple people throwing out candy to a red indicator on the ground, one at a time. The best strategy is to simply stand in the middle, and dash out to the red indicators as they appear. This should make it easy to catch all seven candies without missing one. If you succeed, then Eva will reward you with a Star Piece. Replaying the mini-game without a mistake will reward the princess with a butterscotch candy, which she states she will give to Eight-Tailed Fox Nari.

You need to control the princess and catch the candy being thrown where red circles appear

Interacting with the door of the fourth house will greet you with a message saying that the door is locked.

After exiting the first house that you enter, you will be greeted by Exorcist Miya, who says that she played a few gambling games with the kids, and lost all her candy (there’s a healthy limit, Miya!) . She asks to borrow some of your candy, and if you say no, she will remain in your path and there is no way around her. If you say yes, then she will take your candy and she will promise to give triple what she owes you.

Going to the end of the street after visiting your first house will end with the princess saying that she wishes today would never end. This will “end” the stage.

Completing the stage

At the beginning of the stage, there is a child wearing a pumpkin head tripping and falling down. If you are near her when she falls down, the game will prompt you to help her up, after which she will run off in the opposite direction. Once you’ve done this, go through the actions of knocking on doors as normal.

The second time you help her up (you must first go to the end of the street, and then re-enter the stage) she will knock down the princess after a pause and then run away. The little princess will say she is fine, and then you can go about knocking on doors as normal.

After knocking on a door, Miya will appear and ask for candies yet again. However, before running off, she remarks that it looked as if you’d know the kid would fall down, and suggests that perhaps you’ve been bewitched by a “Holloween Monster”?

The third time you replay the stage and Miya asks for more candies, you can ask her about the “Holloween Monster”. She will reply that the only way to exorcise it is to prevent it from enjoying Halloween, and then will ask for candy as usual.

The fourth time you re-enter the stage, all you have to do is not knock on doors and run around in circles. Doing this will increasingly anger the princess, eventually making her scream and turning the screen red. This will return you to the lobby.

The fifth time you re-enter the stage, when you help the kid up, she will take off her pumpkin head, revealing that she was the little princess all along, suggesting the previous princess was the “Holloween Monster”. With the real princess following you around, when you knock on the fourth door, Coco will come out and invite you inside.

Inside this house is Marina, Bianca, Arabelle, and Coco, with each in their respective pajama costumes, with the exception of Coco (ngl Coco kinda sus). Bianca will give the princess a candy, and then Arabelle says that as they are relating scary stories, and this is no place for the little princess. The princess exclaims that she won’t be scared, and so Coco begins to tell a true story.

My friend was hiking with 3 other friends in the Shivering Mountain. A snow storm came, and they decided to shelter in a nearby cabin. It was so cold in the cabin that they had to be up all night and not fall asleep. But it had been a long day, and the lantern light was fading. They were getting tired. So they all stood in each corner and took turns walking along the wall to the next… and tapped the person in that corner, making sure they were all awake. Four hikers kept that till morning and safely spent the night. But come to think of it… something was not quite right.

Coco takes a dramatic pause.

To walk along the 4 walls and arrive at the next corner to tap the person there… there had to be 5 people in that cabin!

Everyone except the little princess and Coco will go pale.

The little princess says that they could do it with 4 people, with one person in each corner. Arabelle argues against this, and they argue back and forth about the logistics of it for a bit. Finally, somebody suggested that they act it out themselves in the cabin, and the princess agrees. Marina volunteers to go with the Knight and the princess, as there is an excess number of people otherwise, and then she turns off the light.

The following experiment will prove that apparently you can do it with 4 people, which confuses Marina and the Knight. Marina will then turn on the light, revealing there were two Cocos! The Coco imposter will proceed to knock everyone out, and everyone wakes to find themselves lying down in their original seats. Everyone runs out of the building in a panic. 

Destroying the Demon Altar below the house will finally complete this stage.


3 of the 4 Star Pieces are rewarded to you by completing the 3 mini-games. The fourth Star Piece is located in the yard behind the Burning Warrior. Just run around in the garden and ignore the strange looks that people are giving you.

The purple coins are all in plain sight, and you will encounter them as complete all of the above.

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