Floor 51

– March 2015 Newspaper article.
“Space exploration project, a cosmic failure?”

– “Businessman ???, Who shocked the world with Labose project, has finally declared the business a failure. It is only six months since the exploration with 13 crew members suddenly disappeared in outer space.”

-“At the press conference held on Aug, the ??? Foundation spokesperson announced their speculation of failure to be ‘unable to respond to the variables of real space environment’ and that it was difficult to determine specific causes from the data the expedition crew sent before vanishing.”

-Some criticized the ??? foundation for expressing the accident that has taken 13 lives a ‘business failure.’ Experts—”

-Someone left a scribble on the article

Floor 101

-Document created on September 2025.

“Confidential. September 22, 2025 [DELETED] Department. Report from: Don Jones This document cannot be accessed without two or more signatures with Lv.7 or higher security clearance.”

-“April 11,2025, Received high-intensity radio waves through [DELETED]. After the comparison of 30 years of protocol, confirmed the wave to be from ??? Foundation Labose Project Exploration team in 2015 (See page 3).

-“According to numerous decoded video records, Tetis shares a higher than 96% natural environment with Earth (See page 5). The ecosystem report the crew sent has dissipated considerably and is insufficient for research basis.”

-“1 death [DELETED] and 12 surviving at the time the waves were received.”

-“Decision regarding [DELETED] is on hold for [DELETED]. If latter research regarding ecosystem structure is possible, expected for [DELETED] to be possible. Extreme precaution is required to prevent leakage to media.”

Floor 151

-November 2030 Investigation report.
“Case No. 30-WN-12935-QN
Date: November 1,2030
Person in Charge: Thomas Curlin
The Robbery of Jason Colby’s Corpse”

-“Case Overview: Nov 1, 02:30, Disappearance of Jason Colby’s body at Roxsan Medical Hospital morgue.”

“October 30, Jason Colby was admitted to the medical facility with unknown pain. On November 1, after two days, he was pronounced dead at 02:00. Was moved to the morgue 30 mins after his death.”

-“Jenin Royce, the staff assigned the task of moving the body, stated that ‘body disappeared while I left the body on its own to change medical gloves.'”

“According to the statement, she was out for minimum of 2 minutes. A ‘clottered black substance’ was left where the body was. Currently analysing the components of this ‘black substance.'”

-“Hospital stated they have concluded the cause of death for Jason Colby was rapid protein and cell deprivation along with acute degenerative illness. They reported limitations in cause analysis due to the fast chain of events.”

-“It is unknown whether the body stealing and the death of Jason Colby is related. It is expected that the component results of the substance are to decide the direction of the investigation.”

Floor 201

-July 2025 Newspaper article.
“Leader of Labose project went MISSING”

-“It has been 10 years since the sudden disappearance of the space expedition crew of 13 members. The whereabouts of the reputable businessman ???, who led the project from the core center, are unclear.”

-“Suspicion has arisen since ??? Foundation went to liquidate their businesses consecutively since 2 years ago. ??? Foundation officials have commented ??? has not been reachable since last Thursday.”

-“Missing persons’ reports can be filed by a legal family member or third party delegate with authority. No missing person’s report has been filed as ??? been living alone without family or relatives.
“The foundation is searching for ???’s next of kin to legally file a missing person’s report.”

Floor 251

-A notice for the new onboard staff of L Research Institute.

“Welcome to becoming a member of L Research Institute. Upon joining the company, you are deemed to have agreed to the confidentiality agreement you signed, and the bylaws of the institute.

-“1. In accordance with laboratory safety and biosafety management legislation, researchers are required to conduct laboratory safety education and training on a quarterly basis.”

“As L Research Institute is researching high-risk micro-organisms, we will take the most conservative response to safety incidents and security.”

-“12. For security reasons, researchers must live in designated dormitories, and contact with outsiders is restricted.”

“From the time of joining the company to leaving the company, researchers can only used the provided mobile phone for internal communication, and can go out with the management team every other Sunday.”

-“21. In case of violation of the institute’s regulations, immediately follows a certain resignation process. Employment in not only the same industry but also other industries will be restricted.”

“Certain memories may be lost during the termination process, and L Research Institute is not responsible for these losses.”

-“Once again, welcome to L Research Institute. We will not take your work for granted, and will not spare any support worthy of your hard work.”

“Thank you in advance for the advancement of science for humanity that you will achieve in the future.”

Floor 301

-Someone left a record.
“February 1, 2025.
Tetis expedition team is alive. That fact alone is a great success. However, teh data is too damaged. Must wait for more data.”

-“April 12,2025.
It’s been 3 months since the lab was established. Data is still being analyzed. I spent a fortune for these microbiologists yet they are wasting time here as if on some paid vacation, but not for long.”

-“April 21,2025.
This is it, damn it, this is it! The fifth data sent from the expedition found a breakthrough. We found patterns of inconsistent data, and those patterns are signs of life. Bacteria that create patterns of life not found on earth. “My” bacteria, it’s Labose bacteria.”

-“April 27,2025.
As of yesterday, the experiment began to manufacture bacteria. Humanity is about to receive a great gift from me.”

Floor 351

-Text messages exchanged by someone.
“Dec 14, 2030. 02:44
Mary- Pack up as soon as possible and go abroad. While at home, drink bottled water only and always boil tap water when using.
Dec 14, 2030.08:21
Joanne- ??? That thing you mentioned of new patients? I heard it’s nothing.”
“Dec 15, 2030, 14:34
Mary- I thought so, but now
Dec 15, 2030 14:37
Mary- No antibiotics work. I’m classified as contact person, can’t’ leave the hospital.”
Dec 15, 2030, 16:19
Joanne- Did you come in contact with that patient, Mary?
Dec 15, 2030 16:20
Joanne- Mary????”

-Seems like someone’s diary.
“August 19,2031. Things to do today
9 am – 3 pm Online lecture
3:30 pm Cleaning the house (especially in the bathroom-barf)
5 pm Shopping!!! Take resident card, gas mask, and outing permit!!!”

-Someone left a letter.
“Mom… Doctors said I have 5 hours left. The hospital gave me paper and pen to write this. I’m filled with sorrow thinking I won’t see you ever again…”
“I was in the quarantine room the day before yesterday, but I’m in a room for six. They said they have to rid of hopeless people and accept others in that quarantine room. It’s not their exact words but, anyway…”
“Since yesterday, three people died around me. People really melt at the predicted time, and I can’t get it out of my head. Mom, you’re okay, right? I’m scared… I’m so scared… Too scared that I can’t think of anything mom…”
The rest of the letter is soaked wet and the writing is unrecognizable.

Floor 401

-Someone left a record.
“September 12,2026
Labose 2nd administration. A total of 3 specimens. ‘Bae,’ ‘Litcom,’ ‘Handun.’ Litcom is 5 times that of Bae, and Handun is 15 times that of Litcom. Bae and Litcom did not respond, and the Handun died from shock. It dies too quickly to find a trend.”

-“September 14,2026
Labose 4th administration. A total of 5 test specimens. Four of these are Handun. Damn it.”

-“October 21, 2026
Labose 19th administration. A total of 21 specimens. Seems to be activated when exposed to air, but even without air it doesn’t die. It just stays at rest.”

-“October 25,2026
Labose 20th administration. The results of ‘Bae’ and ‘Handun’ specimens are jagged. It would be nice if a larger and more complex arms and legs-type specimen could be obtained.”

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